[ANNOUNCE] Apache Accumulo 2.0.0-alpha-1

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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Accumulo 2.0.0-alpha-1

Christopher Tubbs-2
The Apache Accumulo project is pleased to announce the release of
Apache Accumulo 2.0.0-alpha-1! This *alpha* release is a preview for
2.0.0 and contains numerous feature enhancements and API changes.

While this version is *not* recommended for production use, it is made
available for feedback, testing, and evaluation. Please report any issues
you find to our issue tracker[1] or discuss on our dev email list[2].


Apache Accumulo® is a sorted, distributed key/value store that
provides robust, scalable data storage and retrieval. With
Apache Accumulo, users can store and manage large data sets
across a cluster. Accumulo uses Apache Hadoop's HDFS to store
its data and Apache ZooKeeper for consensus.

This version is now available in Maven Central, and at:

The release notes for this alpha can be viewed at:

[1]: https://github.com/apache/accumulo
[2]: [hidden email]

The Apache Accumulo Team