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Formatting changes heads up

Christopher Tubbs-2

As you may have seen, I pushed some formatting changes[1] based on previous
discussions. Please update your IDE to use the shorter 100 character line
length limit. Also, use the "@formatter:off / @formatter:on" tags to
disable formatting any lines that are problematically long and can't be
easily fixed.

Checkstyle is configured to ignore "package" and "import" statement lines,
as well as "new *Map<X,Y>()" lines and certain URLs, because these are
frequently long and don't wrap well. Most other lines can be written easily
to fit within the 100 char line limit. If we find we have too many
"outliers" that can't be shortened, to the point where it is a problem, we
can always relax the checkstyle validation a bit, while still leaving the
formatter configured to (usually) wrap at 100.

I understand these changes are a bit disruptive. I tried to minimize
disruption by making sure any outstanding PRs that were ready were merged,
and operating in-between peak hours.

Long-term these changes will improve code readability, and side-by-side
comparison for code reviews, but short-term, they can still be disruptive,
because they touched a lot of lines.

Because of that, I'm happy to help rebase or resolve conflicts if anybody
has a development branch they were working on that is disrupted by these
formatting changes. Please, just ask.