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Old/dead feature branches cleanup

Christopher Tubbs-2

Accumulo had 6 feature branches in our ASF-hosted git repository for
features "in-progress".

* I deleted ACCUMULO-4163 because it had already been merged.
* I deleted ACCUMULO-4399 because it was debugging code for a bug that had
already been fixed.
  (I did do a `git format-patch` to capture the single debugging commit,
and attached it to the ticket).

Three of the remaining ones are from SVN days for features that were


For these, I'd like to squash them down to a single git-formatted patch
each, and attach them to their relevant tickets for posterity, and then
delete their working branches. I checked and there isn't any meaningful
interim log messages to make it worth keeping them unsquashed.

The final feature branch is called "IGNITE" and appears to be associated
with ACCUMULO-4463, which is already marked as fixed. If its contents have
already made it in as a finished feature, I'm inclined to just delete this
one, like I did for ACCUMULO-4163, but I'm not really sure what its status
is. I can also just squash and attach to JIRA, as I proposed for the other
3 remaining branches.